Jagdish Tytler asked to leave Rahul Gandhi’s fast at Rajghat

A controversy erupted as Congress president Rahul Gandhi went on a one-day fast at Rajgath in New Delhi on Monday. Soon after the programme began, Congress leader Jagdish Tytler, who has been named in connection with the 1984 Sikh Genocide, were asked to leave the stage by the Congress party.
Sources say JD Tytler & Sajjan Kumar were asked to leave Rajghat, where the Congress party is staging a protest and hunger strike over atrocities on Dalits. Jagdish Tytler became upset at the media over questions on 1984 which were the apparent reason for his removal from the stage. He kept answering back at the reporters by stating that there wasn’t any 1984 genocide case against him but just “inquiries”.
Tytler was seen in an angry tone after several reporters brought up allegations of him being the culprit of 1984 to which he responded that it was a media created controversy.
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