India’s attempt to demoralise Campaigners of #FreeJaggiNow

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The Hindutva Indian Media & their handlers RAW have began an intelligence operation against the #FreeJaggiNow campaign.In several outlets such as the Hindustan Times etc they make outlandish claims. Claims such as 10,000 FB accounts were being monitored alongside Jaggis and that Jaggis profile had firey Khalistan comments.These are all lies designed to demoralise the youth in the UK/EU/US to scare the new generation from speaking about 1984 and now Jagtar Singh Johal’s arrest these intelligence operations are known as PSYOP’s physiological operations.The facts are the Hindutva Indian Police do not have the resources or internet speeds to check 10,000 FB accounts and their comments – had any criminal activity been going on or had any ISI Pakistan intelligence been involved the UK intelligence services would have known way before these made up reports of Jaggi being in contact with the ISI.


These are all diversion tactics from the facts that Jaggi has been tortured,they fail to mention torture even once in their fake news reports about Jaggi. They also claim they monitored Jaggi for a year ,had that been the case why were UK intelligence not informed or another question why didn’t they know? Are Indian Hindutva Intelligence so powerful they can bypass UK intelligence and reach Scotland via the internet or even in person without our UK agencies picking them up ? Yet again another lie – to peddle fake news to STOP all activism by the Youth in the west who are doing nothing wrong in having freedom of speech – which is guaranteed in the democracies we live in unlike Hindutva India where you will be framed after the RSS kill their own . Online campaigning to #FreeJaggiNow is having an effect and now the Hindutva Media roll out their lies which we will bust and expose one by one – see @sikhpa twitter for more inaccuracies

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