Indian citizens threaten another operation Bluestar in and out of India

By 19th February 2018 0 Comments

“The focus of the international media and community on the visit of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now far more than ever.”
“There is more clarity on the relationship between Punjab and Hindustan on this occasion that Hindustanis have so much hatred towards Punjab and Sikhs  that they have a difficult relationship with the Canadian Prime Minister.”

“Also, it will be evident even to the Sikhs who are wearing “Hindustan Zindabad” in the entire world. How good it would be if the people of India, Prime Minister and President” “Essentially this will give Khalistan’s struggle to get more support outside of India.

Warning to Justin Trudeau and Sikhs from an Indian.
According to Hindu Radicals and Indian Nationalists ‘freedom of expression’ and terrorism are same thing.
He also threatening to do an other Blue Star (Attack on holiest Sikh Gurdwara)


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