Ram Rahim’s Controversial Adopted Daughter Honeypreet Goes Missing

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When police shifted Ram Rahim to Sunaria jail and did not allow Honeypreet to accompany him inside the prison, the adopted daughter of the Sirsa-based godman fled the scene. Honeypreet has since remained untraceable. Haryana police teams reached as far as Nepal border in search of Honeypreet but without success.
Now, this letter has surfaced on social media. However, it is yet to be ascertained that the letter was actually written by Honeypreet. Police sources have described the letter as “fake”. Curiously, the author of the letter mentions the name and address of the person with whom Honeypreet escaped. Why would Honeypreet give details of her escape plan in a letter?

Haryana police have also claimed that Honeypreet had plotted Ram Rahim’s escape in the event of his conviction. But, an alert police team foiled the attempt and arrested at least six security personnel in this connection. That plan was kept secret by Honeypreet.
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