Human Rights Group Reveal UK Has Failed It’s Citizens in Torture Cases

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Human Rights group Redress are looking at the UK government’s role in protecting the rights of UK nationals who have faced serious human rights violations abroad.

The group cite the #FreeJaggiNow campaign in their report, which is set to ‘push for changes to the UK law so there is a right to consular assistance and an obligation for the UK government to exercise diplomatic protection where UK nationals are at risk.’

London Mayor calls for Foreign Office to be ‘on the front foot’ regarding #FreeJaggiNow

The Mayor of London said it is ‘important’ Britain’s Foreign Office are ‘on the front foot’ to ensure the wellbeing of Jagtar Singh.

Speaking at the parliamentary launch of the Sikh War Memorial Campaign, Mayor Khan spoke on the situation of Jagtar Singh, who thousands of London Sikhs have been campaigning for. Jagtar Singh has been held since November 4th by Indian authorities without charge, whilst he has also reported torture.

‘The Scottish government are making representations to the Foreign Office in relation to that (Jagtar Singh’s case). As the Mayor of London my responsibilities are to make sure we have the greatest city in the world. If it is the case that members of the Sikh community are concerned about this Scottish British Sikh it is very important our Foreign Office make representations to the Indian government’ said Khan.

The Mayor went on to say he hopes Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will take on board the concerns raised, echoing the sentiment of #FreeJaggiNow supporters who have been left perplexed by the lack of comment on the situation from Johnson.

‘I would hope our Foreign Secretary would take on board the concerns raised, particularly concerns raised around abuse, that he has allegedly suffered in custody. It is really important our Foreign Office is on the front foot on these issues, he is a British citizen so we should make sure representations are made to the Indian government.’

For More Info See full report here.


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