Honeypreet, Tops Haryana’s Most-Wanted List

By 18th September 2017 0 Comments

Ram Rahim’s closest aides Honeypreet Insan and Aditya Insan top the list of the 43 most-wanted in Haryana over the rioting last month after the self-declared spiritual guru was convicted of rape.
Arson and violence by supporters of Ram Rahim’s Dera Sirsa left 38 people dead on August 25, after a court in Panchkula held the guru guilty of raping two followers inside his sprawling and shadowy base in Haryana’s Sirsa. The flamboyant Dera chief is serving a 20-year jail term.

Honeypreet Insan, Ram Rahim’s constant companion who calls herself his adopted daughter and “Papa’s Angel”, has been missing since that day. She had accompanied him on a special chopper that took him from Panchkula to the Rohtak jail. The police say she tried to help him escape after his conviction. Hunting for her, the police have also sent teams to the border; they suspect she may try to escape to Nepal. The police have reportedly circulated photographs and asked its teams to watch out for women “wearing a burqa or mask”.

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