Hindustanis Afraid of Progression of Sikhs in Canada

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The Sikh diaspora has emerged as a strong voting and organizing bloc in Canadian politics. Trudeau’s Liberals win the federal election and the new prime minister appoints four politicians of Sikh origin to his cabinet.

By percentage of population, the number of Sikhs in Canada is almost the same as that of Sikhs in India.
There are some 5 lakh Sikhs in Canada. They comprise 1.5 percent of Canada’s population. And in India, Sikhs make up 1.72 per cent of the country’s total population.

It’s no wonder then that Justin Trudeau today became the latest in a long line of Canadian Prime Ministers to visit Amritsar and the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, Sri Darbar Sahib. As it is, the Canadian PM has more Sikhs in his cabinet than Prime Minister Narendra Modi has.

In fact, Canada has “the world’s most Sikh cabinet”, as the Washington Post described it in a November 2015 article. What’s more, a Sikh – Jagmeet Singh, of the left-leaning New Democratic Party – is also one of the prominent opposition leaders in Canada.

India has trouble accepting criticism from minority groups… As a democracy, India must realise that human rights are critical and cannot be dismissed by trying to malign or marginalise those seeking justice

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