Hindu Leader´s Statement against Sikhs

By 25th September 2017 0 Comments

A video has gone viral on social media in which Hindu Radical Leader wants CM Like Butcher Beant Sinh to finish Sikhs.

Its pertinent to mention Beant Singh became the Chief Minister of Punjab on 25th February 1995, with only 10% of votes and now Punjab was under the rule of Congress. Majority of the Panthic parties had boycotted the elections and the minority that did vote and given the power to the Congress party. In reality this was a one sided win for Congress.

After becoming the Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh gave open orders to evil men like KPS Gill, Sumedh Saini, Ajit Singh Sandhu, Izhar Alam and Ajit Phoola Nang to eliminate the Sikh Youths. These orders made the Indian security forces treat Sikhs with brutality and unfairly. Everyday under rule of Beant Singh, Sikh youth were hunted and killed, the Indian security forces were killing Sikhs like mad dogs for higher ranks. Punjab had been flooded with fake police encounters. No day would pass without the police killing 8-10 Sikhs. Beant Singh had put rewards on the head of Singh. The police were also given orders to loot and kill suspicious (innocent) Sikh families. Dead bodies were seen on every street of Punjab. The Punjab police had killed innocent families and destroyed homes. Punjab had become the battlefield of Kurukshetra, dead bodies were all over Punjab. Beant Singh and KPS Gill had drowned Punjab in blood