High Court allows Haryana police to raid Ram Rahim’s Dera

By 5th September 2017 0 Comments

The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday allowed the Haryana police to search the Dera Sirsa headquarters in Sirsa and appointed retired judge KS Pawar as a court commissioner to carry out the operation under his supervision.
The court commissioner will be required to conduct a search at the Dera after which he will submit a report to the High Court in a sealed cover.
Sources said the police has prepared a SWAT team and a bomb squad in Sirsa. The aim is to sanitise Dera headquarters and ensure no illegal activities are carried out in the premises.

On Monday, the Haryana Police conducted recovered a huge cache of ultra-modern arms and ammunition from the Dera headquarters in Sirsa. Sirsa town is home to the sprawling Dera headquarters where Dera followers had gathered in large numbers ahead of Ram Rahim’s conviction.The Sirsa ashram was at the centre of the controversy Ram Rahim’s conviction in a rape case. After his conviction a number of other incidents, including recovery of a cache of arms and ammunition from the Dera

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