Harjit Sajjan speaks up on Anti Sikh Indian magazine´s Report

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Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan responded to allegations made by Outlook India, a magazine in India accusing the Canadian government of being complicit in the rise of Sikh terrorism, “absolutely ridiculous.”
Sajjan, meanwhile, says the accusation is “ridiculous” and says Canada is being “sucked into” internal Indian politics.

“I’ve been a police officer, I’ve served my country and any allegations like that is absolutely ridiculous and I find it extremely offensive as well,” Sajjan said following a caucus meeting Wednesday.

Some 16 MPs of Sikh origin were elected in 2015, says the magazine, which also blames Canada’s allowance for free speech about human rights for giving “free reign” to more fundamentalist language that has led to the “radical capture of key gurdwaras.”

The magazine also includes a Q and A segment with Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, who says there appears to be “Khalistani sympathizers in Trudeau’s cabinet.” That allegation meant last April Singh refused to meet with Sajjan when Sajjan was in India.
Balpreet Singh Boparai, lawyer for the World Sikh Organization of Canada, said Indian media are always claiming outlandish things about Canada’s Sikh community which are never proven to be true.

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