Government Run Media Replays Old FAKE News To Defend India After UK Attacks Modi

Indian news channel News18 Punjab came under a lot of pressure after claiming to have a “confession” video of British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal. The channel claimed the British citizen confessed to arranging the murders of Hindu leaders. The video in fact contained nothing and was slammed by worldwide media. This caused much embarrassment for the channel and they went silent on the matter of Jagtar Johal. 16 March 2018 will mark 1 year since Captain Amarinder Singh was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Punjab. In the 1 year we have seen the CM allowing his police force to file numerous fake charges on Sikh youths and encountering and falsifying charges against other men and labelling them as gangsters. The CM has created an unsafe environment in Punjab as he seeks to retain onto his power as he struggles to fulfil his promises made when campaigning.