A glimps at the lavish Dera headquarter of Ram Rahim

By 8th September 2017 0 Comments

A team of India TV today visited the Dera Sacha Sauda headquarter in Haryana’s Sirsa for the second consecutive day. The headquarter is said to be spread in an area of 1000-acre.
It houses meditation centre, cricket stadium, hockey ground, tennis and badminton courts.
Our team also managed to get access to the infamous cave of Ram Rahim where he was exploiting his female followers.
Our team also spotted spas and villas inside the campus. A private resort was also found in a ship-shaped structure which houses all Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Disney land and among others.

Ram Rahim´s house is flamboyant, even if done up in what some would call poor taste, with life-sized ships and caves cropping up intermittently among colourful buildings that served as places of prayer and meditation. If you look closely at the video enclosed you can spot a mini-Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower and Aladdin’s cave, with a benign Sun God, the kind you drew in your kindergarten art work, looking over the sprawling campus. Ram Rahim who convinced his followers to drop their family names, and in some cases family jewels, too, lived the life notwithstanding his love for garish ensembles. A luxury Porsche Cayenne GTS model (number plate HR 24T 0025) can be spotted parked in an aluminium and glass garage.

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