Funny Statement of BJP leader on gathering in Panchkula

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Ram Rahim S today set off for Panchkula by road in a massive convoy to appear before a special CBI court in the sexual exploitation case against him. Ram Ragim who enjoys ‘Z’ category security, was travelling in a convoy that included several SUVs, to reach Panchkula, where the court is set to pronounce verdict in the case at around 2:30 p.m.

As the Dera head left the sect headquarters at Sirsa, some of the followers standing on the roadside turned hysterical and held up the cavalcade for a few minutes. The followers, mostly young men, squatted on the road just in front of the cavalcade. However, the police immediately evicted them following which the Dera chief continued his onward journey to Panchkula.
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