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Statement by AAP’s MLA from Kharar Kanwar Sandhu:

Need for a Joint Inquiry into “Jaggi” episode

I have been noticing the anger, especially among people in UK, over the arrest of Jagtar Singh Jaggi Johl in case of targeted killings in Punjab. I am informed that cross-party Group of MPs of UK will be writing to the Indian Government to free Johl. I don’t know Jaggi Johl or his family personally but on the face of it and having covered Punjab as a Journalist for the past 35 years, I don’t find it convincing that a person from UK who comes here to get married would involved in the such matters here. I am reminded of the infamous case of the arrest of Amarjit Singh from Canada in 1980s in Bihar. Let us also not forget, Punjab Police still has certain elements who specialised in extra-judicial arrests and tortures. Amarjit Singh was of course innocent, was released and is now a powerful federal minister in Canada.

In view of the uproar over Jaggi’s arrest, the Union Government must intervene and have a joint inquiry with UK Police into this episode. In case there is no substantial evidence against him, he should be freed and an apology tendered. In case, there is evidence of his involvement in the crime, the information should be shared with UK Police and the Government.

We all understand that the targeted killings were an effort to disturb peace and Punjab Police were under tremendous pressure to resolve the cases. It is satisfying that they have made some headway. But no innocent should be harassed…last of all a foreign national.

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