Famous Indian TV presenter anchor crushed to death after coconut tree falls on her

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A famous Indian TV presenter died after she was crushed by a falling palm tree.
Kanchan Nath, 58, had been returning home from a yoga class in Chembur, Mumbai, at 8am on Thursday morning.
CCTV footage of the tragic event shows her wearing a blue top as she walks in the middle of the road past a row of shops and food stalls.Suddenly a 25ft-high coconut tree comes crashing down on to the celebrity, who was a host on the government-run Doordarshan channel.

Mrs Nath was pinned down by the weight of the tree, suffering catastrophic internal injuries and fractures.
Onlookers rushed to help her by lifting the tree off her and carrying her several feet away before she was rushed to hospital where she died this morning from brain injuries.Resident Arjun Singh, who ran over after hearing the noise, said: ‘There was a lot of shouting and calling for help and I saw the woman on the ground.
‘I didn’t know at the time it was Kanchan until after somebody said later. It’s a shock that could happen, it could have been anybody who was in the wrong place at that time.’
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