Exclusive : What Minister Field Said About Jaggi In Private

The FCO Minister for the Commonwealth and Pacific has been under a lot of pressure of late over his handling of the Jagtar Singh Johal case. In recent months he has made some high-profile blunders and here we are told for the first time what he discussed with the brother of Jagtar Singh Johal in their meetings. Furthermore, we hear how the UK government has begun backtracking on the comments made by Rory Stewart in parliament where he said the Government would take “extreme action” on allegation of torture. Since the comments in parliament, Rory Stewart has been reassigned and is no longer available for questioning on the case of Jagtar. We also hear how initially the UK government was eager to bring Jaggi back ASAP and over 4 months later they have changed their tone dramatically. Concerning comments have also been made which suggest the Indian government is ignoring all written correspondence from their UK counterparts as they have no intention of releasing Jaggi, despite having no evidence against him.

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