Exclusive : How India Tried To Prevent Jaggi Johal Reaching Outside World

By 11th February 2018 0 Comments

India claims to be a democracy and yet has been listed as a country to avoid if you are an activist. The tabloids and news channels are run by the Government and anything which is said to be anti-India will not be broadcasted. In the case of Jaggi Johal, we have seen the Indian media using false information and not fact checking anything before airing. The news channels and newspapers have published fake news in an attempt to save the skin of the Chief Minister of Punjab and to save the skin of India as they have managed to make a fool of themselves to the entire world.

Reporter Gurpreet Singh Prince was the first man to cover the case of Jaggi Johal and he revealed the hoops he was made to jump through by Punjab police. We hear how the reporter was always forbidden from getting too close to Jaggi and at times was given misinformation to prevent him from reporting anything at all. We are told how Punjab police would stop at nothing to keep the media away from Jaggi as they were afraid of what he may say. The police also tried to prevent the journalist from doing his job and they often tried to trick him going to the wrong court room.

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