Diljit Dosanjh writes : Saddened over Reports of Torture of Jagtar Singh Johal Jaggi

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Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh took his social platform to express his concern toward torture reports of British Citizen Jagtar Singh Johal Jaggi.
Diljit Dosanjh writes on facebook and twitter :
Saddened to hear the reports of the Torture of Jagtar Singh Johal after his arrest in Punjab. Whatever the allegations on him may be, every person has the right to a free trial. As Sikhs we pray for Sarbat Da Bhalla.

Raxstar also tweeted:
I’ve had family members falsely imprisoned in Punjab. The abuse of power is rife. Dont trust the narrative any mainstream outlet forces on us. The truth will always come to light. The power is in the people. Keep up the pressure on these clowns you beautiful souls #FreeJaggiNow

Update 19th November
The Punjab Police continue to abuse the Indian justice system by causing delay and linking Jaggi to further cases. Jaggi has been in police remand without any charge for 18 Day,
Initially he was arrested on First Information Report (FIR) 193 and now FIR 218, a ose in relation to the murder of Pastor Sultan Masih, has been added. Jaggi is not named in either the FIR,
There are multiple news reports surrounding the murder of Pastor Masih and how he received death threats from the RSS for continuing to preach Christianity after he was told to stop by the RSS.
The police have had 18 days for Investigation” and ‘interrogation” in relation to 8 murder cases, which the Punjab Police has said in news reports, they have been investigating for years.
Our legal team are concerned that the police will continue to extend remand and add addi-tional cases to prolong Jaggi, detention, regardless of relevance, evidence, or if that crime is already solved. As repeatedly claimed by the Chief Minister.
Our lawyers petitioned for a daily visit to which the police objected. Due to our collective efforts. the global support for the #FreeJaggiNow campaign and Sikh Sangat from all over the world applying political pressure, the British High Commission is involved at a high level. The Judge granted the one hour daily visit and in addition had the police give our legal team a dedicated phone number to enquire about Jaggi, if the police do not answer action will be taken.
We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. The risk of torture remains high and the Punjab Police continues to abuse the judicial system. Jaggi continues to be held without any charge and Jaggi has been tortured. Collectively we must continue to lobby the British Government to demand answers and further intervention.

Bhai Amrik Singh, chair of the Sikh Federation UK, said: “Many are asking why Jagtar was not allowed the business cards for his two lawyers or for the British High Commission representative or allowed to accept clothes from his family.

“The Indian authorities clearly have much to hide and the British and Scottish governments must do much more to secure his release.

“We will be challenging the Foreign Secretary next Tuesday when he appears in the Commons to answer questions from MPs.”

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