CM Lied About Khalistan Talks With Canadian Delegates To Save Face In Meeting Harjit Sajjan

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with his most prominent critic in Indian politics — Amarinder Singh, chief minister of Punjab — and reported afterwards that he told the fierce opponent of Sikh separatists that while his government supports a united India, it’s unwilling to muzzle non-violent Sikh nationalism at home.

According to Pro Indian Newspaper Hindustan Times:
Trudeau gave the ‘assurance’ during his 40-minute meeting with Amarinder at a hotel here during which the latter handed over a list of nine Canada-based operatives alleged to be involved in hate crimes in Punjab by financing and supplying weapons for terrorist activities and also engaged in trying to radicalise youth and children. The CM urged him to take action against such elements.


But On The Other Hand, Canadian Media Exposes CM Captain Amarinder Lies over Khalistan Talks With Trudeau

After the meeting, though, the two sides offered markedly different accounts of what was discussed.
The closest the Canadian side initially came to acknowledging that the issue of diaspora separatism had been discussed was a written statement that confirmed “the prime minister conveyed his support for a united India,” adding that Trudeau also “discussed his views on freedom of expression and the importance of dialogue to establish common ground and understanding.”

The term “freedom of expression” has been used by Canadian leaders in the past to resist Indian pressure to crack down on nonviolent Sikh separatists in Canada. In 2012, when pressed by India over similar issues, Prime Minister Stephen Harper responded: “We can’t interfere with the right of political freedom of expression.”

The Trudeau government’s written account of the meeting, known as a readout, went on to mention familiar Trudeau themes such as the empowerment of women and girls.

But Captain Amarinder Singh himself gave a very different account to Indian media, saying that he had raised the issue of support for Khalistan in the Canadian Sikh diaspora and adding that Canada is one of the countries from which diaspora money flows to separatists in Punjab.

According to Amarinder Singh’s account, Trudeau responded by saying he “would look into the issue.”

Amarinder Singh made no mention of any other issue. Further Added

Harjit Singh Sajjan gave few specifics about the meeting, but said he found common ground with Singh over their shared military service. He said he pointed out to the chief minister that the Canadian regiment in which he served, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, had once fought alongside Singh’s former Indian Army regiment on the First World War battlefield of Ypres. Reported CBC

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