Caught on Tape – Chele were paid one thousand per person for violent protest

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In a recent breakthrough in the violence that erupted on Friday after the Dera Sirsa Ram Rahim was convicted in the rape case, the telephonic conversation of two senior supporters of the self-styled godman have accessed by TIMES NOW.
In the conversation, the two of the Dera supporters can be heard discussing the plan ahead of the verdict and how they were gathering people and taking them to Panchkula in tempos and buses.

One supporter was heard cautioning the other on the phone and said, “You should tell them the message of pitaji, to each individual personally, to not take Satguru’s name anywhere.”
“If they attack, it should not be in the name of Pitaji,” said the supporter to the other.
“They should attack and if any reporter asks them they must say that they are doing this on their own will. They do not have to say that pitaji or someone else has sent them. He has done a special work,” he said.
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