Captain Amarinder not keen on exposing and finishing nexus between police and drug peddlers

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Your utter failure to live up to your oath under “Gutka Sahib” to curb drugs, your failure to act against powerful politicians and top police officers having deep connections with drug mafia and your extreme double standards on your so called policy of “Badla nahi Badlaav” – Khaira

Open Letter
Capt. Amarinder Singh,
Chief Minister,

Subject :- Your utter failure to live up to your oath under “Gutka Sahib” to curb drugs, your failure to act against powerful politicians and top police officers having deep connections with drug mafia and your extreme double standards on your so called policy of “Badla nahi Badlaav” – Khaira

Dear Capt. Amarinder Singh ji,

I am disappointed and saddened to write this open letter to remind you of your pre poll promise under oath of “Gutka Sahib”, to eradicate drugs within four weeks of assuming office. Unfortunately instead to eradicating drugs, you have begun to blatantly shield and protect powerful politicians and top police officers deeply connected with drug mafia.

As we are aware, the STF appointed by you and headed by your handpicked officer ADGP Harpreet Singh Sidhu has filed a status report in the High Court hearing the drugs case. As per its contents, which have now been made public by your Minister besides couple of TV channels, major evidence against Bikram Majithia having business dealings with drug mafia has been established. STF has reported that Bikram Majithia facilitated supply of Pseudoephedrine chemical to international drug cartels like Satpreet @ “Satta” and Parminder @ “Pindi” of Canada, through his local contacts Jagjit Chahal and Bittu Aulakh etc. There is concrete evidence that Jagjit Chahal paid Rs. 35 lac as election fund to Bikram Majithia at his Green Avenue residence in Amritsar. Satta and Pindi while in Punjab stayed with Majithia besides using his official vehicle and security. The STF has concluded in its affidavit before the High Court, that based on the said evidence further action and investigation against Bikram Majithia need to be carried out.

The issue of STF report rocked the just concluded budget session of the Vidhan Sabha but you turned a complete blind eye to it and blatantly shielded Bikram Majithia for reasons best known to you.

Similarly, the status report filed by DGP Siddharth Chattopadya head of SIT formed by the same bench of High Court hearing the drugs case, has brought out startling facts that DGP Suresh Arora, DGP Dinkar Gupta and SSP Moga Raj Jit Singh are deeply connected with the infamous drug racket of dismissed ASI Inderjit Singh. The report even speaks of a “benami” 2 kanal house purchased by one DGP from the drug money. Do you think people of Punjab can believe the police theory that the dismissed ASI Inderjit Singh was the kingpin of such massive drug trafficking, money laundering and having illegal firearms?

Here too instead of punishing guilty police officers and taking strict action against them, you are browbeating and intimidating whistle blower DGP Chattopadya, in the name of indiscipline. Approaching the High Court to disclose drug connections of police officers and seeking preventive action against false implication from it isn’t indiscipline.

You are not only protecting guilty police officers but you have on the contrary clipped the wings of your own handpicked STF Chief Harpreet Sidhu, by first asking him to report to the DGP Suresh Arora and then taking away the additional charge of ADGP border range, to curb trans border drug trafficking.

Don’t you think that your actions as stated above clearly indicate that you are now aiding and abetting these politicians and top police officers connected to drug mafia and threatening and gagging the voice of good whistle blower officers like Chattopadya and Harpreet Sidhu. Are you sure this was the oath under “Gutka Sahib” pre polls?

Related to this issue is your dichotomy when it comes to taking action on such matters. As brought out you have refused to take any action against drug connection of Bikram Majithia, Suresh Arora, Dinkar Gupta etc., despite alarming and clinching evidence but you are hounding me right upto the Supreme Court in a maliciously false and frivolous drug case based merely on some call records of 2015 during Badal regime, wherein they too tried to frame me falsely but to no avail.

You have mischievously chosen the phrase “Badla nahi Badlaav” (No vendetta but change) to safeguard the ill gotten wealth of the Badals to the tunes of thousands of crores, which include their 7 star hotels, huge transport business, tv networks etc. Let me remind you political vendetta is what you have unleashed upon me, if you had ordered an inquiry against the Badals and Majithia’s, that would have been called bringing crooks, cheats and corrupt leaders to justice. “Badla” is when you falsely implicate innocent people in wrong cases but when you initiate proceedings against people like Badals, Majithia’s, Arora’s etc., it’s called justice.

Therefore, once again I reiterate my demand of High Court monitored CBI inquiry against drug connected politicians like Bikram Majithia and top police officers like DGP Arora etc., I also urge you to hand over the cases of corruption and ill gotten wealth of the Badals to the CBI as well, in the interest of justice, so that nobody dares to “loot” Punjab like they did in the last 10 years.

I suggest you to once again take the oath under “Gutka Sahib” but this time to seek forgiveness of almighty for cheating and hoodwinking the people of Punjab, for cheap political gains.

With regards,
Sukhpal Singh Khaira

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