British Citizen Detained In India Reveals How He Was Mistreated Like Jaggi

On the day Jaggi spent his 100th day in custody without charge, there was a major press conference in Scotland hosted by Martin Docherty Hughes. This news was picked up many and major news channels and newspapers in UK. The news also filtered into India as it became clear the MP of Jaggi was not going to back down without a fight. The event highlighted the failures of UK to protect fellow British citizens named the “Chennai 6” who spent more than 4 years imprisoned in India and then released. Billy Irvine was one of the Chennai 6 and he is also a Scottish citizen and he revealed to the brother of Jagtar of the horrible conditions he endured. We also hear how Billy was made aware of the issue surrounding minorities in India within days of being there. Billy revealed how he was not given his basic rights whilst in prison and he is not an isolated case as we are now seeing with Jaggi.

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