BJP woman leader slaps girl for having tea with Muslim boy

By 21st September 2017 0 Comments

Sangeeta Varshney, President of Women’s Wing, BJP Aligarh assaults a hindu girl just because she was sipping tea with her Muslim friend at a restro in Aligarh.

In a shocking video that has gone viral, a BJP woman cell president can be seen slapping a Hindu girl multiple times for her affair with a Muslim boy, The woman leader has even filed a complaint with the police.
The incident took place after the girl and boy were assaulted by Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) and BJP workers when they were spotted sitting together in a snack shop in Aligarh region.
President of the BJP Women’s Wing for Aligarh, Sangeeta Varshney, can be seen warning the girl for having an ‘inter-religion’ affair and slapped her multiple times for going against Hindu culture.
Both HJM and BJP workers confirmed that they were keeping an eye on the couple after they spotted them regularly at the snack shop in the area.
In her defence, the girl who was slapped asserted that she was not a minor and admitted to having an affair with the boy. The girl added that she went on her own accord to meet the boy.
The police, however, took the couple to the police station after being informed about the incident, The girl was later handed over to her parents.

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