BJP and Congress Party Put a Price Tag on Justifying Sikh Atrocities

The hot topic of Jaggi Johal continues to irk politicians in India. With the recent confession of Jagdish Tytler admitting to killing 100 Sikhs in the1984 genocide the focus goes back onto the Congress party. The ruling party of Punjab is the Congress party again and they seem to be using the same tactics as 1984 when it comes to dealing with Sikhs. The slight change now it they are filing fake charges against those who speak out against atrocities and sealing their mouths shut.

Jaggi Johal has had his human and legal rights violated. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu of the Congress party seems to think it’s fine to torture an innocent and force fake confessions. When asked if there was no case and what should happen next, he says Jaggi should sue the government and take the 2 crore rupees offered to him. This comment goes to show the Congress party have allocated a figure to justify their torture of innocents youths just as the BJP party have put a price on those killed in fake encounters by police officials.

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