Asifa Buried 8 Kilometres Away From Her Village

Eights kilometres away from Kathua’s Rasana village lies a grave up a perilous hill. The grave belongs to the eight-year-old victim who was gangraped for several days, drugged, starved and finally, brutally murdered in January.
The brutal gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Indian-administered Kashmir has put the restive state on edge. Sameer Yasir, an independent journalist based in Srinagar, reports on how the investigation has split the region along religious lines.
On the morning of 17 January, Muhammad Yusuf Pujwala was sitting outside his home in Kathua when one of his neighbours came running towards him. He stopped in front of Mr Pujwala and broke the news: they had found his eight-year-old daughter, Asifa Bano. Her body lay in bushes in the forest, a few hundred metres away.
She went missing on January 10 after she went to the forest to graze horses. Her family, after conducting an initial search in the forest area, filed a police complaint on January 12. The police were initially dismissive of their plea. As reported by BBC, they said that maybe the eight-year-old girl “eloped” with a boy. Following this, there was a massive protest from the Bakarwal community demanding an investigation and search for the girl.

Five days later, her lifeless body was found in the forest. Even her burial was not peaceful. Her family wanted to bury her in a land that they bought a few years ago and had already buried five people. They were surrounded by Hindu right-wing activists who threatened them with violence if they were to continue with the burial, reported BBC. They buried her 10 kms away in a different village.

“She was a talkative girl and a joyous soul. She would even greet strangers with a smile. She was captive for seven days. She might have gone through hell. Her two ribs were also fractured. She was abused sexually,” said the girl’s mother.
Source BBC

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