Akshay Kumar Speaks out Against Suicides

By 6th May 2017 0 Comments

Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood Khiladi who is all set to receive National Award today, for his tremendous performance in Rustom, released a video urging students not to take mental pressure, be it academics or personal life.
With India facing large number of student suicides, Akshay Kumar through his video has tried to send a strong and motivating message.
Kumar begins by expressing his happiness over the National Award win and further recalls a moment from the past when his father asked him to introspect and identify his interests when he failed as a school student.

Here’s what Akshay Kumar said:

“I remember the day when my result was announced and I hadn’t score too well. I won’t lie — I actually failed in that class. On my way back home, I kept thinking that I’d be thrashed. That day, my father asked me what I wanted to pursue in my life. I said mai khel kood karna chaahta hoon, khiladi ban na chaahta hoon. And he said fine, concentrate on that. We’ll support you,” Akshay said.

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