Age is just a number for Fauja Singh and Mann Kaur

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“If you ask me to walk, I’ll definitely quit but when it comes to running I would stand and run before you blink your eyes” said 102 years old Mann Kaur, who was here in the city to inspire youths participating in the annual 11th CT Half Marathon. Mann Kaur also known as the “Miracle from Chandigarh,” had made headlines last year when she became the world’s fastest centenarian by clinching gold in 100 m at American Masters Games in Vancouver, with a record time of 1 minute 21 seconds.

This year, she is aiming to break her own record at World Master Championship in Spain that is going to be held in September. Gurdev Singh, her son,who is also an athlete said we have started practicing for it and daily an hourly session of training is done either in morning or in the evening. In addition, Fauja Singh (107), a British Sikh Cente- narian and marathon runner who has beaten a number of world records in multiple age brackets, was also present at the occasion. Terming the race for charity marathon as “Sehat Ka Mela”, he said, nothing was superior in this world than one’s health and everyone should strive hard to possess a good health and mind. Having attempted and accomplished eight world records at the age of 100, Singh while looking at the participants of the marathon, added, “I too want to run and set other new records but my weak bones shy me away from running.”

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