Advocate Manjhpur Reveals How India Government Has Framed Sikh Youths

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The biggest news for the past 80 days in regards to Sikh issues has been the unlawful arrest and detention of British citizen, Jagtar Singh Johal. In a recent news show there was a lot of focus put onto the illegal presentation and police remand taken of Jagtar Johal on 17 January 2018. Another issue discussed was the Behbal Kalan bullet tampering issue, also, the current situation surrounding Bhai Jagtar singh Hawara. There was a special guest on the show via a phone call in advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur.

Firstly, Mr Manjhpur was asked how the NIA double crossed the due process of the legal system by taking Mr Johal in front of a judge and taking police remand without him having legal representation. Mr Manjhpur reveals he was informed by the British High Commission of the removal of Mr Johal from Nabha Jail and by the time he was able to contact somebody at court, he was informed the NIA had successfully been granted 5 days remand. After the hearing a call from a NIA officer was made to Mr Manjhpur and he was informed his client was being taken into NIA custody for the next 5 days and his whereabouts would not be released and he would not be allowed to meet his client. The advocate informed the presenter, the basic rights of have a legal representative were disregarded and the duty of informing the lawyer were ignored.

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