Accident Or Murder? Mysterious death of Sridevi and Divya Bharti

By 26th March 2018 0 Comments

Veteran actress Sridevi’s sudden death has left the entire Indian film industry in a state of shock. The 54-year-old actress breathed her last after suffering a massive cardiac arrest while she was in Dubai to attend a family wedding.
The sudden death of the actress brought the flashback of the popular actress of her time, Divya Bharti, who had a mysterious death at the age of 19. Divya was said to be identical to Sridevi and was on many occasions even labelled as the ‘younger sister of the Chaalbaaz actress’.

During the early 90s, people had started to believe that Divya would soon replace Sridevi with her acting, but she left the entire industry speechless with her untimely death. Furthermore, Divya was born on February 25, 1974. Her birth anniversary falls only a day after the shocking death of Sridevi.
During the early 90s, Divya had started to make her presence felt in Hindi cinema and within months, with her back to back release, she was an established artist in the industry.

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