18 cars collide on Yamuna highway due to dangerous smog

By 8th November 2017 0 Comments

Delhi woke up to a thick layer of smog surrounding the city, again. While primary schools were shut, offices and college goers had to face many problems due to low visibility on the roads.
While many opted for traveling by metro instead of cars, people who took their cars were also careful while driving. At 7 AM, drivers were seen driving with fog lights on.
But that’s not all.

Eighteen cars rammed into each other on the Agra-Noida Yamuna Expressway due to low visibility. Speeding cars rammed into one another, while people on the footpath were shouting and requesting the drivers to slow down.
No major casualities have been reported from the pile up till now.
The shocking video shows cars ramming into each other due to low visibility in the morning.
People are shouting and asking the passengers to get out of the cars as more cars were speeding towards the site and the chances of collision were high

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